Sample Summer Buffet Menu

Plated Starter

  • Seared Norwegian salmon with a sesame & spice crust served with a cucumber mousse

Main Course Buffet

  • Chicken with lemon, green olives & herbs
  • Roast fillet of beef with roasted red peppers & tarragon bearnaise sauce
  • Potato salad with a pecan, olive oil, honey, parsley & spring onion dressing
  • mixed salad greens with onions, grapes & feta
  • Chilli roasted butternut with rosa tomato & sundried tomato dressing

Dessert Buffet

  • Coconut bavarois with fresh tropical fruit
  • Chocolate mousse mocha tia gateau

Cheese Selection

  • French brie, gorgonzola & mature Dutch gouda with preserved figs, ginger, olive marmalade, grapes and savoury biscuits




Cold Snacks

  • Grilled bruschetta topped with fresh tomato, olive & basil
  • Grilled bruschetta topped with verjuice roasted pear slices, Gorgonzola & Rocket
  • Char grilled nectarines wrapped in Parma ham
  • Bocconcini, olive & cherry tomato skewers with basil pesto drizzle

Hot Snacks

  • Crumbed halloumi with lime, chilli & dhania dipping sauce with:
    • Prawn & lemon risotto in Chinese spoons
    • Asparagus wrapped in phyllo pastry with minted hollandaise dip
  • Soup sips in glass demi as:
    • Chilled vichyssoise with black truffle oil
    • Tomato & peach with basil


  • Shot glasses with tiramisu topped with coffee granite & pecan biscotti dipped in chocolate
  • Shot glasses with panna cotta swirled with fresh strawberry coulis and a whole fresh strawberry dipped in white chocolate