Winter themed food bar for your next big event? Here are our top picks.

Catering a corporate event (where the food is plentiful, delicious, and memorable) takes experience and skill. You need to organise a large amount of great quality food and make sure all the guests are served without distracting them from the purpose of the event. When done right, food bars are a great way to achieve this.

Your food bar doesn’t have to offer boring, standard buffet fare. With winter well on its way, we’ve got some great ideas for winter themed food bars sure to wow your guests and add a touch of gourmet glamour to your next big event.

Our top picks for your winter themed food bar

1. Cocktail soups

Chilly weather makes soup a crowd pleaser. Create a classy soup bar by serving a variety of soups in mini mugs or small soup shooter glasses on china dessert plates. No need to stick with everyday flavours – include interesting options like creamy spinach and artichoke, chicken enchilada, or salmon chowder for something different. Make these yummy offerings even more moreish by serving a variety of breads, buns, and grilled cheese wedges as sides.

2. Potatoes, potatoes

Sweet or traditional, there’s a potato for every taste. Try baked whole potatoes, mini French fries, and stuffed potato skins. Fill your food bar with a range of toppings from sour cream to bacon and chives to shredded chicken and cheese, and let guests create their own little bit of spud heaven. Want to raise the bar when it comes to presentation? Serve in martini glasses with long spoons. Vegetarian or dressed for more meaty tastes, they’re sure to look (and taste!) delicious.

3. Sweets that never go amiss

Winter desserts make a perfectly decadent addition to any food bar. Think mini molten lava cakes with cream, rich chocolate cupcakes, or hot chocolate shots with toppings like mint crumble, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Get a touch of your company culture in there with a monogrammed glass or cup sleeve – perfect for advertising that’s subtle but present. As for your choice of desserts? The richer, the better is all we can say!

4. It’s fiesta time

Bring a celebratory feel to your event with a Mexican style nacho and taco bar. Fill the bar with a range of toppings (think shredded cheeses, beans, chillies, onions, salsa, lettuce, cilantro, crème fraîche... the list goes on and on!) to create perfectly tasty spicy treats. Holding a late night celebration? Pair with a tasty cocktail (or two) for the perfect party vibe!

Want a delicious food bar for your next event but not sure where to start? As professional caterers, we can create the perfect food bar (or any other type of feast) for your next big event. Leave it to us and we will make sure your guests are more than delighted with what’s on the menu.

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