Planning a flawless awards event? Use our catering checklist!

An awards event can be one of the biggest moments on your corporate calendar. Whether annual or once-off, designed to honour the contributions of those you work with, an event like this should be flawlessly planned and executed. And the food is no exception.

Any corporate event, an awards gathering included, can be made or marred by the catering. This might sound dramatic but one of the most memorable elements of any event is the food. So, it’s worth taking the time to carefully plan your catering. Feel like there are too many elements to handle? Try a checklist to bring order to your planning!

Event catering checklist:

1.  Event plan:

  • Event details: Date, Time, Venue
  • What type of event is this?
  • What is the theme?
  • Number of guests?
  • Catering budget?
  • Is a venue site visit possible?
  • What is the dining set up?
  • What type of menu will work best?
  • Timings for service?
  • What catering facilities are available?
  • What storage facilities are available?

2.  Menu and service:

  • Theme for the menu?
  • What service style is best? Plated, buffet, cocktail, chef’s station?
  • Number of courses and intervals required?
  • Are wait staff required?
  • Are bar staff required?
  • Any special dietary requirements for the menu?
  • Are linens, glassware, and crockery provided by the venue?
  • Self catering or let the professionals handle it?
  • Pre-event tasting?
  • Food prep on site or delivered?
  • Is set up and clean up included in venue or caterer’s cost?
  • Are take away favours part of the plan?

3.  The drinks:

Whatever the event, a checklist can help you take control of what needs to be done to ensure a stunning food experience. An awards event can be logistics-heavy and the pressure might be on to ensure a smoothly run occasion that seems effortless but is memorable for all involved. With all this in mind, why not outsource the catering to the experts? Food Matters is the perfect corporate catering partner. We will help you design and deliver a customised catering experience with the highest quality food and service – one sure to deserve an award in itself!

Big awards event at work? Let us handle the food!