Perfect food and drink combos for a winter company picnic.

Just because it’s a bit chilly outside, a picnic doesn’t have to be off the table. A perfect way to get your staff out and about, a picnic is a fun way to enjoy a shared meal, either as part of a weekly ritual or as an employee appreciation event.

Winter picnics require a bit of planning for the weather (warmth and comfort are important considerations for the success of any picnic), the occasion, and your guests. And, of course, no company event is complete without a solid menu. To create the perfect menu for a company picnic, note the occasion, plan for set-up, serving, and cleaning up, pick a food theme, and remember to take into account people’s dietary requirements. And give some thought to keeping warm foods warm when out in the chill!

Get started with these perfect food and drink combos

1. Old fashioned soup and crackers

Soups are a winter winner. Serve from a thermos into small, insulated tin mugs or cups, with crackers or bread rounds. Craft beers, medium-bodied whites or low-tannin reds go well with chicken or veggie based soups. Whether you’re serving alcohol or not, it’s always a good idea to have bottles of cool water (flavour with lemon, lime, or mint for taste) or iced tea for all to enjoy.

2. Warm gourmet sandwiches

Try grilled cheese or cheese and ham paninis. Wrap them in foil while warm and keep them in insulated bags to keep them toasty till serving. Colourful cocktails or, better for some functions, mocktails can add some fun to this feast. From something warmer, try coffee for a perfect drink pairing or hot chocolate or chai tea for something with a little less caffeine and a bit more sweetness.

3. Savoury picnic muffins and tartlets

Broccoli and bacon muffins, zucchini and fennel quiches, beetroot tartlets, white chocolate and cranberries swirls. From savoury to sweet, there are endless muffin and tartlet combinations to satisfy almost any taste. Serve with coffee, tea, or homemade lemonade for a burst of freshness.

Company picnics can be lots of fun but they do require a fair amount of planning and smooth execution to be successful. Don’t have the time or expertise to serve up the perfect winter picnic? As expert corporate caterers with a passion for creating customised food experiences, we can do it all for you!

Need help planning the perfect winter picnic? We’re on it!