Kids still have Easter eggs? Three fun ways to use them up!

Easter is one of the sweetest times of the year but it can leave you with a mountain of chocolate and way too many treats for your little ones to handle. And, while you could lend a helping hand and eat a few yourself, there might still be a few eggs left over. Don’t throw them away – rather have some fun with your little ones in the kitchen and keep the Easter sweetness going.

Here are three kid-friendly ways to use up leftover Easter eggs

1. Cookies, cookies, cookies

From plain chocolate to chocolate chip to chocolate and cranberry, there are loads of ways to include chocolate eggs in freshly baked cookies. Making cookies is such fun – let your little ones roll the dough, add the chopped up ingredients, or use cookie cutters to make fun shapes. There is surely a cookie out there for every taste and you don’t have to eat them all at once. Fill up the cookie jar or wrap up batches as gifts for family and friends. Share the yum!

2. Mini eggs and more

Have a bunch of mini eggs and smaller filled chocolates on your hands? Why not whip up a chocoholic fridge cake? Line a 20 x 30cm tin with baking paper. Melt 300g dark chocolate chunks, 100g butter, and 140g golden syrup in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water, stirring until smooth. Add 1tsp vanilla essence, 200g chopped biscuits of your choice, 100g raisins, and 85g rice krispies or cornflakes. Mix well. Place mixture in tin, and then flatten with the back of a spoon. Press in your mini eggs and put in the fridge to set. Once hard, drizzle with melted white chocolate and set again before cutting into chunks. The perfect kiddies’ party treat!

3. Let’s eat cake

Baked just right (click here for our top tips), there’s not much that can beat a fresh chocolate cake when it comes to making teatime a special occasion. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Grease a 24cm cake tin. Place 150g self-raising flour, 50g cocoa, 220g castor sugar, 80g softened butter, 125ml milk, and 2 beaten eggs into a bowl and mix well for 5 minutes. Pour into cake tin and bake for 40 minutes or until the cake springs back when lightly touched in the centre. For the icing, beat 100g softened butter until pale and fluffy. Add 2 cups soft icing mixture and 1/3 cup cocoa until fully incorporated. Then, add the milk and the chocolate buttercream will become light and fluffy. Spread the icing on the cooled cake. Grate flakes of chocolate egg over the top of the cake or cover with mini eggs, or do both! Serve.

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