Healthy platter ideas for the office? Here you go!

Too often, food platters for office events can be repetitive or loaded with unhealthy options. Or just plain boring. But they don’t have to be! If you’re organising platters for your next office meeting or corporate party, think beyond samoosas and finger sandwiches, and serve up fresh, colourful platters sure to delight your guests and have them coming back for more.

Need some platter ideas? Try these three...

1. Think Italian

Forget country ham and mini cocktail sausages. Go for Italian meat choices such as prosciutto, salami, and coppa ham. Serve with roasted plum tomatoes, mixed olives, and sliced Italian breads.

2. Cheeses of the world

Cheese is always a popular choice for a platter. Keep it from being a boring option by using a variety of cheeses (including a creamy cheese such as camembert, nutty cheese such as gruyère, and sharp cheese such as aged manchego). Serve with grapes, gingersnaps, and fruit compote.

3. Don’t forget the veggies

Vegetarian platters are often the neglected dish at a party as they easily look limp and boring. Replace carrot and cucumber sticks with crisp, pink radishes, green and white asparagus spears, plump cherry tomatoes, and baby zucchini. And don’t forget a homemade dip such as blue cheese or Greek tyrokafteri.

And don’t forget the drinks...

From sangria to cocktails, a well-made drink can be the perfect addition to your menu!

If you’re in charge of organising food for office events or parties, we can help you organise everything from platters for breakfast meetings to complete menus for cocktail functions and corporate events. Leave it to us and we will make sure your guests are more than well-fed!

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