Five great catering ideas for your next big event

Catering for a large group in a corporate setting can be challenging. Corporate catering can often have a ‘been there, done that’ feel to it or, even worse, poorly planned catering is sure to put a dampener on any event. 

Avoid disappointing your guests with the menu at your next big corporate event with these great catering ideas:

1. Go ethnic:

Instead of the same sandwich and danish platters served at every event, pick a national food group e.g. Asian, Italian, or Mexican, and theme your menu and platters around it. You can even go with a ‘make your own’ version where you supply all the ingredients and the menu and your guests make the food as part of a fun team building exercise.

2. Try outside:

Move away from the boardroom table and organise a picnic. A change of scenery will do everyone the world of good. If you’re catering for a corporate function that includes families, this is a great way to cater for guests of all ages. If your guests are solely adults, it doesn’t have to be a low-key, family style picnic – gourmet picnic baskets are a popular way to have your picnic meal in style.

3. Be trendy, be green:

Sustainable, eco-friendly living is all the rage these days. Show your guests you care – and create a talking point – by presenting them with an organic menu and recycled or recyclable eating utensils and takeaway boxes, clearly marked as such. Want to stay on trend? Try out a banting-friendly menu or one filled with healthy food choices.

4. Lunch on the go:

Instead of a buffet, provide each of your guests with a lunch box or takeaway lunch container. It could be branded in line with the company’s corporate identity or the event theme. Not only will it provide a talking point among guests, you can use this style of eating to encourage interactions between different groups as individuals will not be stuck at tables or standing in a long buffet line.

5. Keep it sweet:

Forget about starters, mains, and even savouries and skip straight to dessert. Or replace the traditional ‘drinks and snacks’ happy hour with a sweet buffet. Fabulous cakes and themed miniature meringues, a build-your-own ice cream bar, truffles, and jars filled with marshmallows and sweets... let your imagination run wild. For a day time event, serve high tea with all the trimmings. The result? Classy and fun at the same time!

If you want to do something different for the menu at your next big business function but are worried you don’t have the time or skills to put your plan into action, hire a professional caterer to do it all for you. From creative planning to set-up to clean up, Food Matters can help you create a corporate event menu worth remembering!

Hire a professional caterer to do it all for you.