Choosing the perfect wedding cake

For many brides, the wedding cake is the centrepiece of the food on their special day. It’s part of the photo line-up and a highlight for the guests. And the good news? Today’s bride is spoilt for choice!

So, how do you choose the perfect wedding cake for your big day? Make sure it’s gorgeous and delicious by following these top tips:

  1. Take your time: Your cake needs to tie in with your wedding theme so that it is a compliment to the overall feel, rather than a distraction. Once your theme is in place, you should order the cake at least two months before the wedding date. This will ensure one less thing to worry about as your big day approaches. It will also give the baker time to plan and order any special ingredients. 
  2. Choose a baker in the know: You might be tempted to buy a store-bought cake or have a family member or friend do the baking for you. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s best to err on the side of caution and hire a professional. Wedding cakes can be ornate and large (especially for large wedding parties) but even a small cake or cupcakes can prove to be challenging. 

When choosing your baker, make sure to read current client testimonials and, if possible, visit the baker in person to check the range of their abilities and make sure they understand exactly what you want. 

  1. Design, design, design: No more plastic figurines on top of three layers! Wedding cakes have come a long way since the marzipan fruit cake of your grandmother’s day. Your wedding cake can be anything you want it to be in design and flavour. It is a good idea to consider the theme and style of your wedding, as well as current trends. You can tie your cake to your colour scheme, co-ordinate it with your jewels, or have cupcakes or petit fours instead of a single wedding cake. And it can be as ornate or simple as you like.
  2. Give a thought to size: The number of wedding guests will traditionally determine the size of your cake. Your baker can help you with this. However, it is wise to have a cake slightly bigger than you need. This will allow you to send pieces of the cake home with your guests (over and above what they receive at the wedding) and you will be able to keep some cake to eat during your honeymoon or when you get back. A word of advice – fruit cake is really the only cake that will still taste great a few months after the wedding.

Want an amazing cake that tastes as great as it looks? We can help! Take a look at our range of cakes and chat to us about your dream wedding cake today.