Celebrating Mandela Day at work? We’ve got some great food ideas.

As expert caterers with a passion for memorable catering ideas, we love celebrating a special event with food that is both on trend and delicious. And Mandela Day is no exception!

We know that most proudly South African companies will be doing something to honour Mandela’s work for at least 67 minutes on the 18th of July. So, whether you’re planning a full corporate menu or a selection of platters, why not make sure your employees (and clients) are both well-fed and reminded of the importance of this day?

Food ideas for celebrating Nelson Mandela Day at work

1. Serve a Mandela menu

Mandela was known for many things and one of them was his appetite – he loved food and enjoyed a wide variety of dishes, from his family’s version of spaghetti Bolognese (which uses curried mince) to crab curry to oxtail stew to dumplings. A quick internet search (or a more in-depth read or two) will soon reveal a long list of Mandela’s favourite meals throughout his life. Remember the man while enjoying the food he loved, and educate others about an aspect of his life they might not have previously considered.

2. Go South African all the way

Mandela was, above all else, the model of a great South African. From braai specialities to bunny chows, why not put together a menu of great South African dishes, from a number of different South African cultures? Ask your employees to each contribute a dish from their own heritage or celebrate your guests by serving up quintessential South African dishes that speaks to their backgrounds.

3. Feed someone else

Mandela Day has a number of major themes, including food security, philanthropy, and helping those less fortunate. Feed someone else this Mandela Day, and make this an educational and/or team building experience for your employees as well. Visit a local charity or children’s home and organise to share a meal with them or join one of the many food initiatives or food parcel projects in your city.

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Want the perfect Nelson Mandela Day feast? We can help!