Catering Trends: Entrees

There is nothing as certain as death and taxes – and certain types of food! Some things will never go off trend because they are universal, workable and they evoke childhood memories that make one feel warm and fuzzy. However, it is on trend to add luxury touches to these old favourites. Here are a few trending ways to serve entrees: 

  • Mac and cheese with chorizo or fat juicy prawns, and old fashioned BBQ but with an added twist such as Korean Barbecued ribs.
  • Another thing that will always be on trend is farm to fork; sustainable, locally grown fresh produce. A raw bar is seen more today in catering circles and is beautifully decorated with herbs and flowers to really bring the fresh, local and sustainable home. 
  • A modern twist to this is a variation on the trend of farm to table – using serving vessels such as urns, milk jugs and cast iron skillets.
  • Sustainable proteins are also becoming popular – being very careful as to what fish you use for example, and using creative and clever ways to cook cheaper cuts of meat.
  • Chefs are creating more innovative and delicious vegetarian meals – many people eat meatless dishes some nights of the week and vegetarian dishes give a chef a marvellous canvas on which to create a masterpiece.
  • Also popular at the moment is the family style experience – it is found to be very sociable and gets guests chatting to each other. So platters decked with the main course, served on beautiful serving vessels are passed around and shared by the table.