Catering for the Porsche Cayman GT4 Launch

Admit it, whenever you see the sleek, lithe, luxuriousness of a Porsche passing by, it turns your head! What a magnificent vehicle: this is why we, at Food Matters, were so very honoured to be asked to cater for the prestigious launch of the Cayman GT4!

Food Matters understood that it's cuisine had to showcase the same elegance, richness and timeless beauty that does any Porsche. So on Friday, November 20th, we proudly set up at the Porsche Centre in Umhlanga for 360 prestigious guests serving brunch, finger snacks and a small bowl food lunch to welcome their new baby to the fleet. 



Not forgetting the selection of cheeses with fresh fruits, preserved fruit and biscuits which rounded up it's spectacular cuisine - what a celebration!

Which of all of these offerings would you have chosen? I am sure you would have had to try each and every one, lest later you regretted missing out on ANYTHING included in this galaxy of tastes offered by Food Matters –  your stomach, however, would need to forgive you for over indulging a bit!