Three ways with the menu for an all-white themed wedding.

You’ve decided on a colour scheme for your big day, and it’s all-white. Simple, elegant and classic. But now you’re wondering what to do about the food? You don’t want it to stick out too much on a table with white crockery, cutlery and décor. Don’t stress, Food Matters has got it all under control!

Believe it or not, there are menu options that still work with your all-white theme, and they’re delicious (especially if they’re made by us!)

All-white menu options set to wow your guests:

1. For starters: Serve a white bean soup, with fresh rosemary and zingy lemon. Soups are often a great choice for a starter as they’re usually a crowd pleaser and they don’t leave guests too full to enjoy the next two courses. White beans, as expected, have a pale appearance, so they won’t look too harsh against all the white elements on the table.

2. Another starter option: Serve up a cheese soufflé. Another light choice that will impress guests, but still leave space for mains and dessert. Served in white ramekins, the light, creamy colour will blend beautifully with the rest of the décor.

3. For mains: Creamy white wine gnocchi is a delicious option. Gnocchi is filling and almost everyone eats (and loves) pasta. Serve the gnocchi with a creamy white wine sauce and top with a few micro herbs for a slight burst of colour against the lightly coloured meal. This is also a great idea to serve without a meat protein for any vegetarians at the wedding.

4.     A second mains option: Homemade chicken lasagne served with a cauliflower sauce. These can be portioned beforehand making it a simple but tasty option for everyone. Keep the accompanying ingredients lighter in colour, like the cauliflower, and hide anything brighter in colour between the pasta sheet layers.

5. For dessert: For an all-white theme, there has to be white chocolate! If you want to have a dessert table as opposed to plated desserts, it could be a nice idea to have an array of little white treats for people to grab from throughout the evening once the dessert table has been opened. This is a super trendy way to serve dessert nowadays. Don’t believe us? Just check out this  post about some of the trendiest wedding desserts you can serve right now. Mini vanilla bean panacottas, coconut truffles, white chocolate chip biscuits and little white meringues would all make a wedding-wow statement.

6. The wedding cake: Stick to the theme and go for a tiered vanilla sponge cake with a white marshmallow frosting. Or try a naked cake – very much on trend. Place this in the centre of the dessert table surrounded by the other all-white options, and watch guests gather in awe! Want more help with the cake? Read this.

Just because you’ve picked a colour scheme for everything else, doesn’t mean your food can’t follow suit. We’ve shown you just how to incorporate an all-white theme into your wedding day menu and we’re sure it will look stunning. Still seems too overwhelming? Don’t worry, we can do it all for you! Our highly trained staff know how to execute your dream menu to perfection, so get in touch!

Having an all-white themed wedding and don’t think your menu can keep up? It can! We’ve got more than a few menu options for you to take a look at.