Wedding desserts that will take your menu to the next level.

Your wedding menu is a major part of making your wedding a successful and memorable event. And while we know that traditionally the wedding cake holds pride of place when it comes to the highlight of your meal, wedding desserts has received more attention over recent years. After all, who doesn’t love dessert, especially as part of the best kind of celebration?

We’ve written a fair bit about wedding cakes (see our love for this menu centrepiece here, here, here and here) and about different dessert options, depending on your style and season of wedding. In today’s post, we’re delivering some inspiration for wedding dessert that are extra-lavish and lovely – and that will have your guests talking about them long after your special day is complete.

Three of the very best wedding desserts:

1. A croquembouche delight:  A croquembouche is a French dessert consisting of cream-filled choux pastry puffs or profiteroles piled into a tall cone and drizzled with threads of sugar, chocolate or caramel. Decadent and stylish, this delicious treat will look even more gorgeous decorated with sparklers or dusted with icing sugar or edible glitter.

2. Breakfast with bells on: Think fresh and fabulous and create a breakfast-inspired dessert bar, even for an evening wedding, including crepes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, tiny toast cakes, and apple and compote pastries. And don’t forget the cream and condiments. So pretty!

3. Light-as-air macarons: These pretty, airy (and simply delicious) treats come in all kinds of colours and flavours and they work perfectly both on the buffet table and as wedding favours. You can even get them with decorative toppings or use them as cake toppers. Deck your table with towers, glass vases and mini boxes of these delicious delights and see your guests coming back for more.

Want the perfect dessert for your wedding menu? Talk to the expert team at Food Matters – as professional caterers, we can help you create a wedding menu that will wow your guests, from start to finish. And don’t forget the cake! We can create all this and more to fill your guests’ plates with the perfect food for the perfect day – just let us know what kind of food you’re looking for and let us inspire you.

Need a plan for your wedding dessert and more? Use our wedding checklist kit and make sure you cover all your (plated) bases.