Keep guests fed with (even more) delicious ‘late night’ wedding snacks.

Gone are the days when a wedding menu centred around a main meal with a traditional number of courses. It’s common practice now for bridal couples to serve food throughout their big day, from after the ceremony to late into the night.

Start with these (they’re quick, easy and fun) and then have a look at the following. Serving food after the main meal is a great way to keep the party going, especially for those guests keen to stay on the dance floor. Whether you’re looking to offer a sugar rush or something a little more substantial, we know for sure that late night snacks are always a hit. So if you’re looking for great ‘afterwards’ snack ideas, we say start with these (they’re quick, easy and fun) and then have a look at the following.

Planning fun and fab ‘late night’ wedding snacks?

1. Add a little ice to the table. Fresh and fruity, colourful popsicles (boozy or not) can add just the right element of cool and fun to a wedding dessert buffet, especially on a hot summer’s night. Bubbles don’t freeze well so keep your champagne for other alcoholic drinks and match your ice flavours to your menu or colour scheme. You can even use engraved popsicle sticks for a special touch.

2. Add some pop. While some couples choose popcorn to take the place of traditional paper confetti (more after-ceremony snacks right here), it also makes a great any-time snack. Set up a popcorn bar or cart with a range of sprinkles and garnishes, serve up little boxes of popcorn (drizzled with chocolate, caramel or savoury toppings), or include them as part of your favours. Or go for the full-on novelty factor and hire a popcorn machine to delight your guests.

3. Go for the best kind of fast food. Snacks don’t always have to be sweet (think about the popcorn) and they don’t have to take the form of a dessert. By the time midnight rolls around, your guests might be ready to eat something more filling and fuelling than cake (though we think cake is always a good idea!). So why not go for something more substantial?  Like sliders (a selection of mini burgers) and fries. Delicious and the perfect late night ‘fill the gap’ snack, sliders can be served buffet or cocktail style, with little baskets or cups of skinny fries.

4. Sip and snack, make ours a duo. A warm drink or toddy can make for the perfect late night nibble – not quite a dessert but sweet enough to satisfy any post dance-floor cravings. Help your guests wind down their evening with hot chocolate and biscuits, shot glass lattes and doughnuts holes or whatever sweet drink plus snack takes your fancy. Rather have something savoury at hand? How about ice tea and pretzels or whisky and luxury nuts? The options really are endless.

Tired, hungry guests are an absolute no-no when it comes to seeing in the end of the perfect wedding day. Avoid this with the right combination of late night snacks, ensuring your guests are well fed and able to keep the party rocking until the wee hours. Want to make sure you do it just right? Talk to us – at Food Matters, we have years of experience catering different styles and sizes of weddings and can make sure your menu gives your guests what they need when they need it!

Want to make sure you cover all the important food moments at your wedding while staying within budget? We can help. Talk to us or just start with our wedding checklist kit.