Bon Appétit, newlyweds! 3 catering musts for your big day.

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many important details to plan and deliver, not least the catering. Food is a major part of any celebration and can act as an anchor moment when it comes to a length wedding day – drawing together family and friends to share in a special meal (or meal moments).

Catering your wedding can also require a substantial investment and therefore your choice of caterer and menu shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because you know that the best way to serve up a delicious and memorable meal to your guests is to hire an expert catering team, you already know that you should outsource your wedding catering. Not only do catering professionals like our team at Food Matters know what it takes to feed your guests well, years of experience and training mean we have the best tips on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to catering for your big day. And here are just three...

Three wedding catering musts:

1. Must have: A budget. This will help you and your caterer decide what type, style and amount of food to serve. If you know what you’re working with, you can plan the perfect meal for your needs and pocket. And chat to your caterer about different serving options as these can have a significant impact on what ends up on your plate.

2. Must do: Know your guests’ dietary requirements. Yes, it’s your wedding and the menu should reflect your tastes and favourites but you also want your guests to enjoy themselves (and be able to eat!). Be sure to check if there are any specific dietary requirements (due to religious. lifestyle or health reasons) that you should accommodate in your menu. Happy, well-fed guests make for a better party!

3. Must try: Work the theme and season. Forget stock standard fare and look to tie your menu in with the theme of your wedding (all-white, anyone?), your style choices, and the season. Seasonal foods are a particularly good idea – not only will the food be fresher and taste better, it will be easier to source locally which is good news for your menu and your pocket.

For many couples, the food is one of the most important parts of their wedding day. And it can certainly be the case for guests whose experience of this special day often depends on what’s been served, when and how. To help you get the catering just right, we’ve got a handy checklist to make sure it’s a meal worth remembering.

Want to get your catering plans off to the best possible start? What about your budget? And your timeline? Use our wedding checklist kit and don’t miss a moment.