Easy after-ceremony snacks to serve at a wedding.

Are you an events planner for wedding celebrations? Then you’ll know that couples often use the time after the ceremony to take their couple and bridal party photos, meaning guests are left alone for a little while. And what better way than to keep them entertained with delicious snacks?

The truth is everyone knows when guests are fed, they are much happier and more accommodating. So, in today’s post, we’ve serving up some super creative after-ceremony snack ideas, to replace the usual fare.

Here’s what we love for after-ceremony snacking

1. For something whimsical and fun

Why not try ice-cream sandwiches? You can have them already set up in the shade, brought out as the guests start to mill around. Mix and match different cookies with different ice-cream flavors, and have someone there who knows what everything is. Alternatively, set up a build-your-own station equipped with a few ice-cream flavors and scoops, cookie options and fun toppings (sprinkles, crushed nuts and sauces are all great choices!). This option is especially great for the warmer months when guests will need something refreshing while they wait.

2. For easy-to-hold ideas

Sometimes it’s nice to have a station where guests pick up one or two things and carry them around with them while they chat and relax. Smart options include bags of popcorn (with a little spice station on the side for good measure), sweet potato fries in cone cups or little boxes of freshly made churros with a chocolate drizzle. Other options are items on sticks like beautiful pieces of watermelon, chicken skewers or mini doughnuts drenched in caramel sauce.

3. For items that can be carried on trays

If you’d like waiters to walk around carrying the snacks, go for things like mini burger sliders or waffle bites (these can sweet with banana and maple syrup, or savory with cheese and tomato).

4. For something simple and cost-effective

A cheese tower is the way to go! Pile a few different cheese wheels on top of each other, scatter a few cheese knives around the table and include a few breads and dips and you’re ready to go. You’d rather have something sweet than something savory? Check out this post on trending wedding dessert options.

5. For the aesthetics

If you want something guests will be wowed by and won’t be able to resist posting about, go for a doughnut wall. Choose a few different flavors and mount them on a simple wall with some hooks and take it up a notch by adding the couple’s initials or wedding date.

6. For something that will bring everyone together

Opt for a few food carts, candyfloss, ice-cream or tacos. This is one of the best ways to get people to flock together and enjoy an interactive experience; it’s even better for kids!

You definitely don’t need to feel tied down to the usual canapés when all of these options are available to you and the happy couple. If all of this is too much to think about, hand it over to us and we’ll deal with it! With years of experience and only the best quality ingredients, Food Matters is your go-to for wedding food that’s bound to be a success, starter to dessert and everything in between.

Not sure what to serve guests after a wedding ceremony? We’ve done the thinking for you!