Too beautiful to eat? Ideas for decorating your Winter wedding cake

Choosing a Winter wedding means choosing warm, cuddly weather and some seriously fun decor options too. Although we don't have Christmas during Winter in South Africa, there are so many amazing options if you're wanting to emphasize the Winter feeling of your big day. Your menu is obviously one of the most important elements of your day, and so is your cake. We know, because we’re experts at both!

When it comes to your wedding cake, making it feel Winter-inspired is as easy as pie!

Here are our favourite ways to decorate your Winter wedding cake

1. The 'snow-day' effect

This refers to making your cake look like a true Winter wonderland. From stark white icing to look like snowy ground, to the finely desiccated coconut to mimicing falling snow, your guests will fall in love with the look of your cake. Top it off with silver and blue snowflakes stacked beautifully at the top, or placed strategically down the side of the cake.

2. Chocolate shards

We love anything chocolate and this cake is simply stunning because it imitates the look of a snowy forest on a Winter's day. Surround your cake tiers with tall white chocolate shards and place your cake on top of a chunky piece of wood to take the theme to the next level.

3. Muted tones

Nothing says Winter quite like muted colour options. Greys, lavender and icy blues are all perfect choices. Go for a simple white iced cake, and top it off with pieces of fresh lavender, or go bigger with more elaborate floral decor like white roses or white orchids.

4. A statement tier

Choose a tier, usually the middle one in a three tier cake, and make it extravagant. For a Winter wedding, a glitter-brushed or jewel encrusted tier makes sense. It ties in with the elegance of a Winter wedding, and will shine extra bright throughout the evening. Go for a gold brush or a muted silver encrusting to impressed your guests.

5. The added extras

To further enhance the Winter wedding cake table, there are a few little touches you can add. Make your cake stand something special. Go for something detailed, possibly with hanging crystals or unique filigree patterns. To up the ambiance, surround the cake with candles at different heights. This will also add drama to your cake-cutting moment. And of course, top it with an interesting and personalised cake topper. Not sure what to choose? Take a look at one of our previous blog posts to get some ideas!

You may think there isn't much you can do with a wedding cake in Winter, but hopefully we've changed your mind about that! Get creative or just hand this essential part of your menu to us. At Food Matters, we take everything about your cake into account: the style, design and taste, so you don't have to think too hard. We know it's an important day, so once you hand over to us, there's no more stressing. We make sure your cake dreams come true, and we get the masterpiece to your wedding safely too. 

Not sure how to decorate your Winter wedding cake? Try our gallery for inspiration!