Add some spice to your next event with interactive food stations.

Are you looking to try something new when it comes to the catering for your next big event? Whether you’re helping creating a stunning wedding or hosting a big conference, catering well for large groups of people can be challenging. At Food Matters, we’re always interested in the latest catering trends – especially when they bring that something extra to your event’s food experience.

When it comes to a move away from traditional plated dining or pre-pared cocktail snacks, interactive food stations fit the bill. Setting up food stations around a venue can be a great way to get your guests involved in the food appreciation process, making it a bigger part of your event, while ensuring they get fed and enjoy a wide variety of delicious options.

Tips for creating stunning food stations

1. Think theme(s)

Depending on the event, you can either tie each of the stations to an overall theme or allow each station to have its own theme, which broadens the menu to suit a bigger or more diverse guest list.

2. Serve up options

Multiple cuisine or styles of cooking allow guests to choose what they prefer to eat or the opportunity to try something new. You could have different stations for street food, pasta, sushi, vegetarian choices, and desserts. Not to mention Halaal or Kosher versions to suit specific dietary requirements.

3. Get guests involved

Unlike traditional cocktail stations or buffets, interactive food stations are just that – interactive. Preferably, you should have a chef or server at each station, making the food and chatting with your guests. You can take this one step further by letting your guests take part in their own food prep - whether it’s building their own salad, decorating a delicious cupcake, or mixing a signature cocktail, food interactions like these are great fun and make for a memorable experience.

4. Update the classics

Include more traditional buffet fare in your offering but with a twist. For example, a carving station is commonplace at big events like weddings but you can bring it up to speed with a variety of sides and additions on the station that your guest can add as they see fit (and discuss with the chef).

Want to create a unique food experience like this one at your next event? Just ask us! As experts in all things catering, we are committed to helping our clients deliver the best possible menu and service every time. From corporate functions to wedding feasts, the Food Matters team will make sure your menu is on trend, exciting, and delicious.

Want to work with a catering company that gives your guests a food experience that works but also unique?