How to choose your wedding cake baker.

At most weddings, the cake is the centrepiece of the menu. Served up or sent home with guests, it should fit the wedding theme and look and taste delicious. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a professional wedding baker to make sure the job gets done right.

But, with so many options (and costs) involved, how do you make the choice? As expert cake makers, we’ve got just the guidelines you need to get the wedding cake baker of your dreams to deliver the perfect cake for your big day.

Tips for choosing your baker

1. Play matchmaker

It’s important to work with a baker whose style and vision suits your own. Seen a cake you like at a recent celebration? Get a recommendation. Heard good things about a baker from friends? Visit their website and social media channels to see what else they do and how. From naked cakes to fresh flower toppers to traditional fondant (yes, there’s loads to know about the icing alone), some bakers prefer a certain look and feel even if they can do it all. Make sure it’s one that sits well with you.

2. Try a little taste test

A great wedding cake should taste as delicious as it looks. Every bakery will have its own rules about cake tasting, from the size of the sample testers to the cost. Book tastings with potential bakers and come with your ideas and desires ready to share. And don’t be afraid to try something new – you might be surprised at the version of a known favourite your chosen baker serves up.

3. Just ask about the cost

The truth is that wedding cakes are works of art and they do tend to cost more than a cake you buy off the shelf. Avoid disappointment and ask upfront about the cost of the cake and how it is determined so you can see if it fits your budget. Most cakes are priced per slice so it’s good to know how many guests you’ll be serving before you ask about the size and cost of the cake. The more ornate your icing and topper (something else to think about), the more the cake will probably cost you.

4. Make sure they deliver

Getting your wedding cake to your venue in one piece can be a challenging task so it’s probably best left up to the baker. Before ordering your dream tiered delight, check that the baker will make, deliver, and set up the cake on your big day. Even better if the baker is the caterer and can be there for serving it up too.

Wedding cake design is an art form and, done right, your wedding cake will stand centre stage in your wedding menu, perfect for your photos and a real treat for your guests. At Food Matters, all of our cakes are made to the highest standards using the best ingredients available and we are confident that our clients are always satisfied! Plus, we deliver and set up as well. Browse our wedding cake gallery or give us a call to discuss the cake of your wedding dreams (and the menu too, of course!).

Want an expert baker to take care of creating your perfect wedding cake? Talk to us!