Five hot catering trends for weddings this winter.

Winter weddings can be truly special – not the norm, they offer an opportunity to create a truly unique experience for the bridal couple and their guests. And the menu is no exception. In fact, from decadent delights to cosy snacks, winter wedding food can help set the tone for the whole celebration.

If you’re helping to put together a winter wedding this year, we’ve got just the food trends you need to know about to make the catering the hottest thing on the big day. Pick one of these and make the most of the coolest season of the year.

Catering trends worthy of a winter wedding

1. Go winter formal

Themed weddings are still very trendy so why not let the season be the theme for the event and the menu? When it comes to the catering, think traditional winter feast with all the luxury appropriate for a wedding. You might go for warming starters like spicy soups, homemade mini rolls, and classic canapés, choose rich meats like lamb and seasonal veggies with all the trimmings for the mains, and end with hot desserts like puddings, fruit pies, or flavoured brûlées. And don’t forget the drinks – from mulled wines during the cocktail hour before the reception to a hot chocolate cart complete with luxury chocolates for the sweetest dessert. And you can always theme the wedding cake too!

2. Comfort food with a twist

Winter is the perfect time for comfort food. From homemade-style soup bowls to start to chocolate croissant bread and butter pudding for dessert, cooler weather calls for rich, nostalgic dishes. This style of food can be a great choice if the wedding is sentimental in nature, drawing on the themes of family and memory making. A word to the wise – comfort doesn’t have to mean simple. Serving burgers and French fries? Make them mini, bespoke, and served in monogram wrappings.

3. Not breakfast, not lunch... we say brunch

Over the last few years, brunch has gained a reputation for being a truly delicious and easy wedding menu option. Whether festive or more formal, winter wedding brunches call for items like French toast with all the trimmings, a full egg and bacon spread, frittatas, smoked veggies, and mini tartlets of every kind (not to mention toppings to match). An espresso bar or vintage coffee station will add just the right amount of flair to the party while keeping guest warm and cosy throughout.

4. Go interactive

A popular trend in wedding catering this year has been an interactive menu. The idea is food stations that allow guests to mingle as well as participate in the making of their own meal with the help of professional chefs and servers. This adds a new level of interest to a wedding and can be a memorable way to serve a large crowd and keep them moving. All the better if this is during a chilly winter night – cooking up your own little storm is sure to warm things up and think of the photo opportunities afforded by open cooking, flambéing, carving, and bespoke creation stations.

5. Fun snacks for everyone

As afternoon wedding parties are extending later into the night, the after-dinner snack is a trend that is gaining momentum. Many hours after the formal menu has been served, send out fun snacks (and drinks to match) to keep the party going. For many couples, this can be a chance to add their own unique flavour to the wedding menu, serving up their favourite treats, from mini doughnuts to popcorn boxes. For a winter wedding, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows or warm apples tartlets make for popular choices – as does anything delicious, hot, and easy to handle while hitting the dance floor.

Whatever the trends, at Food Matters, we believe in creating menus to suit the unique nature of every wedding feast we work on. Want something memorable and exciting for your next menu, something that works with the latest trends? Tell us! Expert caterers, it is our job (and our pleasure) to help our clients deliver the best possible menu and service for every event, every time.

Want a winter wedding catering menu that keeps your guests warm and cozy all night long? Tell us all about it!