Corporate Catering checklist for a big event? We've got one for you!

If you’re an events planner then you’ll know that a ton of planning and preparation goes into creating and executing a big event like a wedding or corporate function. And one of the most important aspects of such an occasion is the catering. Food (and food service) brings people together, helps to create a pleasurable memory for the guests, and can be the reason for the gathering itself.

At Food Matters, we understand what it takes to deliver flawless catering, from menu to service, to the bar. It’s what we do and what we love to do. In today’s post, we’ve giving you a simple catering checklist to help you cover the basics for your next big event (or you could simply hire us to do it all for you). We hope you find it helpful (let us know) and can use it to build your own tick-box list suited to your event.

Basic corporate catering checklist for events

1. Table settings

Decide upfront how tables will be arranged and how the food will be served. Is it a full-on, sit down meal, buffet, or cocktail style set-up. For laid tables, consider cutlery, crockery, linens, centrepieces, candles, table favours, and condiments.

2. Serving equipment

Will there be waiters or is the event self-service? Consider serving trays, bus bins, pot holders, salad servers, dishes, servings spoons, water jugs and whatever else is required to get the food plated and in front of each guest.

3. Staff and helping hands

Determine how many waiters, bar staff, and cleaners you will need to make sure the catering is executed flawlessly and without delays. They should be properly trained and able to work the floor and bar as required.

4. The food

The menu is the centrepiece of the catering experience. Decide on the exact menu (or get a professional caterer to make suggestions) and be sure you have all the suppliers in place. Don’t forget to ensure you know your guests’ dietary requirements and restrictions.

5. Timings

Clarify the start and end time of the event, as well as serving times for drinks and meals. The last thing you want is cold food or lengthy delays between courses because staff have not been able to plan properly. And then work in delivery, clean-up, and dismantle times as well.

6. The bar set-up

Do you have a bar as part of the catering? Is it in-house or situated off-site? How will drinks be served? Consider glasses, pitchers, ice buckets, tea and coffee facilities, napkins, and rubbish bins.

7. Other obligations

Take the time to discuss any other catering obligations (over and above your standard offering) with your clients to make sure you are not caught unawares. Will you need to select the cake? Or save some for a later time? Do you need to get involved in fire building or decor? Or maybe print menus?

No matter the event, a checklist is a good idea to make sure you don’t miss any important details. Better yet, hire the experts. At Food Matters, we can handle the entire menu and service, including the bar and a signature cake if required, for any event. Just let us know what you need from your catering team and we can help make it happen, with no fuss at all.

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