Five catering questions clients are sure to ask (and how to answer).

If you’re an event planner, you know that creating the perfect event is about more than just one element, whether it is the venue, the service, or the surrounds. You also know that catering is a crucial part of what makes any event a success. And that means the menu can make or break your client’s experience of your venue.

That’s why it’s important to take the time to consider the role and contribution of your catering team to the happiness and approval of your clients. And when it comes to the food, to be prepared to answer a range of questions about your catering approach and options.

Five catering team questions worth asking and answering

1. Are you licensed and insured

A reputable caterer will be properly licensed to cook and serve food, as well as insured against any possible injuries or accidents. Being able to answer in the affirmative shows professionalism, compliance, and good sense – all essential for success in corporate and event catering.

2. Where do they source and prep the food

It’s important to work with suppliers who know where their ingredients are coming from and who work in the most hygienic and safety-conscious manner (as well as with an awareness of various dietary requirements). At the same time, an accomplished catering team will be able to work out of different locations or venues without compromising on their standards or the quality of their fare. Know where your catering team works and how and use that information to reassure your clients that the food they’ll be enjoying will be as safe as it is delicious.

3. Will the meal be prepared on-site

While some parts of a menu might be prepped beforehand (such as a wedding cake or certain food elements), main meals in particular should be prepared on-site and served immediately so that the food is fresh and tastes its best.   

4. What other services do they offer

Beyond designing the menu and catering the meal, some professional caterers offer extra essential services such as bar and wait staff and set-up, cake creation, and clean-up services. By the way – Food Matters offers all three and more. And it’s great to be able to offer your guests these special extras.

5. Do you have any reviews I could read

What better way to gauge the food quality and service level of a caterer than from the reviews of previous clients? All good caterers, with storing experience, will have stellar references to share with any new potential client. Keep these on hand to show that you work with only the best.

At Food Matters, we enjoy working closely with professional venue management teams to deliver the best possible event every time. So, if you’re looking to work with a professional and passionate catering team headed by an exceptional chef, look no further than Food Matters. From corporate get-togethers to intimate wedding receptions, we offer catering, bar, and cake services designed to deliver only the best in service and food.

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