Outdoors wedding celebration? Foods to serve and skip.

Outdoor weddings, especially during warm and sunny days, can be a dream come true. But, in order for them to be truly enjoyable, they require a bit more planning than an indoor event with easy access to electricity and air-conditioning.

So, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding (for yourself or a client), you need to factor that into your wedding menu choices. Give a thought to how you choose to serve your food on the big day (read more about serving styles here) but also to the food itself – the last thing you want is to offer up food that’s unappealing (or worse, that can’t handle the heat and makes your guests ill). Because, the truth is a menu can make or break your event, even if it’s your big day.

Outdoor catering tricks and tips

1. For starters and snacks, think fresh, light, and easy to serve

Go for canapés, salads, and small portions (like Parma ham slices and melon) that can served platter-style or on small serving plates, and that don’t have to be kept warm or heated up (skip the soup course, unless it’s chilled).

2. Keep it classic

An outdoor wedding tends to be more laidback than its indoor counterpart so think simple, timeless food like grills (meat or fish), fresh salads, and loads of interesting side dishes.

3. For dessert, avoid ice cream (unless it cones) and richly iced cakes that can melt

Try a cake with a difference, a sweet or popcorn station, or a choice of individual cakes or doughnuts buffet-style. Be careful if you’re going the cheese and crackers route – cheeses don’t always do so well in the heat. Since you’re outdoors, a bonfire is an option once the sun goes down and makes for a perfect s’mors station (a unique and fun way to treat your guests at the end of their meal).

4. And don’t forget the bubbles

Your drinks menu should always compliment your food and, in the case of an outdoor wedding, we suggest going for fresh, light, and easy to serve. Consider a refreshment station, icy cold cocktails (with some fun fruity touches), and chilled wines. Plus, a host of non-alcoholic drinks to add to the mix and keep your guests well-hydrated.

Our best advice for your wedding catering, whatever the venue, theme, or food (or cake, for that matter)? Speak to a professional caterer to ensure the big day has the best possible menu. At Food Matters, we’ve served all kinds of menus in all kinds of locations and we can help you create the perfect menu, from starters to desserts. Plus, we have the staff to help too! Tell us all about that dream wedding menu and let us take it from there.

Outdoor wedding? Our wedding menu ideas will ensure your menu is simply the best.