How to choose your perfect wedding cake topper.

Picking a topper for your wedding cake can be tricky – there are so many decisions to be made (let alone the choice of cake itself!). But it can also be fun, especially as it’s a little piece of unique decor that takes centre stage on the main attraction of your wedding menu.

Factors to consider when choosing your wedding cake topper

1. It’s about the two of you

 It is said that wedding toppers originated over a century ago when a baker’s daughter asked her father to create a symbol of her and her fiancé’s love. He created a wedding cake with two figurines, representing the happy couple, on top. So, let your topper reflect who you are as a couple. What would represent you best? Figurines, flowers, greenery, monograms, or script?

2. Go classic or themed

 Following on from point 1, consider your style as a couple. Are you classic or more modern? Would you like a topper made of two figurines in traditional wedding clothes or one that represents your shared interests, such as a sport or musical reference? Also, if you have a strong wedding theme, consider tying the topper to the theme for a uniform look. And remember, you can also keep it as a memento so choose something you’d enjoy displaying in your home.

3. Honour the past

 Did your parents keep their wedding cake topper? Offer a nod to the past and use the same topper on your cake. This can work well if you’ve followed the trend of including your parents’ wedding photos or favour choices in your own wedding theme.

4. Get your baker’s advice

 If you’re having your wedding cake professionally made (and you really should), ask the baker to suggest toppers that go with the style of the cake and that will add to, rather than detract, from its beauty. Your caterer can also help you with practical details like taking into account the weight of the topper – you don’t want it to topple over a delicate cake at the crucial moment.

Wedding cake toppers have come a long way and, these days, you can have almost any design, look, or feel you want. With this in mind, be sure to choose a topper that speaks to your style as a couple, the look of your cake, and your wedding theme.

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