Frozen food options that you should always keep in your freezer.

If we were all capable supernatural beings capable of whipping up dinners in a matter of seconds, there’d be no need for freezers or frozen meals. But sadly, we’re all just ordinary individuals: we’re busy; we’re often stressed and tired; we have a million things going on; and we need pre-made dishes to fall back on when we just don’t have the time or energy to put together a meal from scratch.

Needless to say, it’s best practice to keep a variety of options in your freezer for those days when you’re feeling especially, well, human. Here are just a few frozen foods we think everyone should always have in stock.



Even if you’re a passionate meat-eater, it can’t hurt to have a vegetarian dish or two in the freezer at all times. It means that you’ll be prepared if a friend who’s sworn off meat pops over unexpectedly or if you’re planning a dinner party and a few of the guests are vegetarian. Options like melanzane parmigiana or a lentil and sweet potato bake freeze well and will undoubtedly go down a treat with friends and family members.


Be it beef, chicken or vegetarian, lasagne is one of those staple dishes that’s both a crowd-pleaser and a hearty saviour on nights that you feel like something simple, but substantial and comforting. It also goes well with almost any accompaniment – here are a few (not salad) side dish ideas that pair perfectly with lasagne.


Soups and stews freeze well and are quick and easy to defrost, so they’re definitely dishes you want in your freezer for a rainy day. It’s always reassuring to know that you have delicious comfort food on hand for those evenings when you’re feeling a little ill or are craving a dish you can quickly whip up and enjoy in front of the TV.


While not a whole meal on their own, frozen berries are a great addition to a breakfast of porridge or muesli and yoghurt, and they finish off most desserts nicely too. You can also toss them, still frozen, straight into a blender and mix up a tasty smoothie while on the run. A major benefit of frozen berries is that their nutrients and flavours are preserved by the freezing process, so they’ll taste just like they’ve just been picked.

If you’re on the hunt for ready-made meals that are both nutritious and delicious, look no further. We at Food Matters cook up a range of frozen dishes that you can order today and enjoy with your family tomorrow. Every item is home cooked in our kitchen and served in handy foil containers. You can view our menu here.

Are you familiar with how to store, defrost and serve frozen meals at a catering event? No? Here’s an infographic to help.