The perfect cakes for Spring? Try these three vanilla delights.

When it comes to tea time treats or the perfect wedding dessert, what could be better than a freshly baked cake? And a classic vanilla base is a sure crowd pleaser. From simply delicious to the oh-so-pretty, we’ve got ideas for springtime-inspired vanilla cakes sure to delight your guests. Time to get creative in the kitchen...

Vanilla cakes for occasions big and small

1. Pink ruffle cake

2. Vanilla cake with lemon filling

For some Spring time freshness, why not add lemon flavours to your cake? Start with the basic vanilla cake from the above recipe. Then spread about ¼ cup lemon curd between each cake layer. Ice the cake with lemon buttercream frosting and decorate with pastel icing flowers.

3. Spring-time cupcake batter

Instead of one large cake, why not go the cupcake route? A perfect idea for a corporate menu or large catering function. And who doesn’t love having their own little cake for dessert? Divide the vanilla cupcake mix from the first recipe and let your imagination go wild when it comes to the toppings. Some ideas to get you started - chocolate cream cheese with sprinkles, cookie dough frosting with chocolate chips, dulce de leche (condensed milk that has been slow simmered for approx. 6 hours to create a thick, creamy topping), red wine chocolate ganache (oh yes), or fresh balsamic whipped cream with mint leaf topping. Or add beautiful icing flowers to the top of any type of frosting for a pretty Spring time touch.

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