Friday lunch at the office a bore? Shake things up with our super Spring meal ideas.

It’s become a common practice for organisations to put together lunch for their employees at least once a week, and often on a Friday. Not only does this save precious time away from work (as employees leave their desks to seek out lunch), it can also act as a token of appreciation for a job well done.

Friday lunch at the office (and organised by the office) is a great idea but the menu can sometimes get a little boring or repetitive. With Spring officially here, we thought we’d help you spruce up your corporate catering menu with some fresh lunch ideas.

Super Spring lunches sure to satisfy your staff

1.Sandwiches with that bit extra

Forget sliced bread with spreads – there are so many delicious sandwich options out there. Start with fresh rolls, artisan slices, croissants, wraps, or pitas and fill these with salads and fresh cold meats and veggies – examples include chicken caesar or chickpea, lamb and hummus.

2. No lettuce, please

If you’re serving salads, make them colourful, moreish, and interesting. Put aside the butter lettuce and cucumber for kale, quinoa, couscous, or bean bases. Nuts, dried fruits, and goat’s cheese make for delicious garnishes and don’t forget a zesty balsamic reduction in place of a boring cream salad dressing. When it comes to salads, there’s no limit to creative options. And you can serve them in individual glass jars for on-trend convenience.

3. Perfect pasta

Hot or cold, veggie or not, pasta can make the perfect lunch time meal. Serve in individual bowls or as part of a salad buffet for a filling lunch option. There are so many shapes and sauces to try – go for tortellini and chilli or penne with cream, sausage, and gorgonzola, or a cold version of pasta shells with bacon and red peppers or blueberries and feta. Why not try pesto pasta in every shape and form? Fresh and delish.

4. Something for everyone

It can be difficult to meet the diverse catering needs of a large group of people and it’s unlikely that all staff members will want the same food at the same time. Catering platters can be a great way to make sure there’s something for everyone. Include healthy vegetarian and banting options for something a little different.

It can be challenging to think up a different meal every week for your staff. Why not leave it up to the experts? As experienced caterers, we can plan, provide, and tidy up the food for any corporate gathering, no matter how big or small. Just let us know what you need.

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