Easter fun at the office? Start with these ideas.

Is your office celebrating the Easter season this April? Are you in charge of the festivities? There are lots of clever ways to enjoy this sweet holiday at work and, to ensure everyone gets in on the fun, you can keep the festivities light and non-denominational if required.

Here are three eggtastic ideas to get you started

1. Deck the halls

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to liven up the work stations and communal areas around your office. Bunnies, eggs, chickens, flowers and sweet treats (of course!)... just choose an Easter-related theme and go for it. Encourage each staff member to decorate their own desk and hold a competition – the best dressed desk wins a prize!

2. Host a feast

One of the best parts of the Easter season is the food. Hold an Easter party, feed your staff, and let them enjoy some downtime together. Go sweet or savoury (or both), do platters or plated, and give every guest a little something to take back to their desk with them, be it a hot cross bun or chocolate egg. Need help to make sure your menu satisfies your hungry co-workers? Hire a professional caterer to get the job done right!

3. Create a team-building opportunity

Easter games can be used as part of an official team-building session or as a chance to get co-workers to interact and have fun – an important part of building a successful team. Set up an Easter egg hunt and have co-workers work in teams to race the clock – the team who collects the most eggs in the allocated time wins. If you prefer a calmer activity, try an egg painting competition or putting together Easter baskets for charity. Cooking a meal together is a current favourite for offices that follow the latest team-building trends – and you’ll get to enjoy the meal afterwards!

At Food Matters, we believe in celebrating all the annual traditions. And what better way to do so than with a fabulous meal? Want us to do the work for you? It would be our pleasure! Whatever the menu, we can put together a sweet feast sure to make your co-workers hop with happiness.

Want an Easter feast for your office? Download our brochure, or contact us and let us take care of it!