Want to throw a surprise party that goes off without a hitch? Here’s how!

Surprise parties can be memorable, and loads of fun...they can also be lots of work and rather daunting for the organiser! The secret? Plan, plan, and plan some more. The best way to ensure that your party runs smoothly and that the guest of honour is truly surprised and delighted is to know just what you’re going to do, when, and how.

Whether it’s a birthday bash or a congratulations office shindig, we’ve got the tips to make sure your surprise party goes off without a hitch. 

Top 5 tips for the perfect surprise party

1. Plan out the venue and vibe

Make sure the venue is available and suitable for the event. Conference boardroom? Your outdoor veranda? From setting up the decor to getting the guests there, you need to make sure it’s easy and do-able. Remember, it’s the element of surprise that’s key.

2. Make sure to wine and dine your guests

From a themed set menu to cocktails and canapés, the food and drink menus are a major part of any party success, surprise or not. Have too much going on? Not a foodie? Or a master baker? Hire the professionals to get it all done and delivered on the day.

3. Nail down the list

A surprise party where only two people show up to shout ‘surprise’ is never a good idea. Get the guest list finalised and confirmed as soon as possible and be sure to emphasise that it’s a surprise so that the guests don’t let the secret slip.

4. Timing is everything

Touch base with your guests the day before telling them where to park and what time to be there. A twenty minute lead time will ensure they all get to the party early to avoid stragglers spoiling the surprise.

5. Don’t forget the guest of honour

Be sure to secure their presence with a fake meal invite or meeting confirmation. You don’t want your big guest missing their big surprise! At the same time, always take the guest’s personality into account – would they like to be completely surprised or would a little heads-up on the day prevent a major upset?

Like any big event, a surprise party can be lots of work if you want it done right. Need a helping hand? From catering choices to delicious cakes, waiters for corporate events to bar staff for showers and sundowners, the team at Food Matters can help you throw a surprise party to remember!

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