Well-made drinks? Here’s why they’ll make your next big function so much better.

A lot goes into planning a successful function – whether it’s a work party or a birthday celebration, the theme, food, and drinks all play a part in pulling off an event to remember. And, when it comes to the drinks, your guests are probably expecting a little more than the ordinary. How about a custom cocktail to raise the bar?

Here are three reasons why a well-mixed, interesting drink can add a fun twist to your function

1. More than just refreshment

French champagne for your European cultural evening? Home brewed beer for your chic-sheeben bash? A drink that follows the theme can act as a conversation starter and create continuity between the meal and the overall theme.

2. Well-mixed is just right

While some guests might fancy themselves as bartenders, most people tend to over pour or put too much alcohol in their drinks. A well-mixed drink (poured by a bartender who knows what they’re doing) should taste great, not bitter, and be balanced, rather than having too much alcohol. A poorly mixed drink is likely to be rushed or abandoned for something different – actions which can lead to individuals getting drunk much more easily than if they were drinking a well-mixed version.

3. Something different is always welcome

A customised cocktail is the perfect way to add that something special to your event. Name it after the purpose for the gathering or the star of the show. Make sure it’s delicious and don’t forget – not all drinks have to be alcoholic. With an experienced bartender on hand, you can have a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to suit any palate.

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