Want to personalise your wedding menu? Try one of these great ideas.

While weddings lend themselves to tradition, you probably want to make your big day as unique as you can. Why not start with the food? Everyone knows that the reception menu has a major part to play in how memorable your big day will be for your guests. And a personalised menu is a great way to add that special touch. 

Want to make a great impression on your guests and create a beautiful memory for you and your partner?

Here are our expert tips on a personalised menu

1. Recreate your first date meal

Did you go for sushi? Or enjoy a romantic meal at an Italian restaurant? Ask your caterer to design your menu around the first meal you shared together (either the whole thing or one of the courses). Place a card next to the dish on the serving tray explaining the story behind it.

2. Think heritage

Give a well-timed nod to your heritage by offering an ethnic menu or including elements from your cultural background in the wedding meal – this could be something your grandmother made or a traditional wedding treat such as Greek Jordan almonds re-imagined for your big day. Ask your caterer to make sure whatever you choose is familiar enough to guests that it’s not off-putting – not everyone appreciates exotic delicacies.

3. Have a signature drink

Have the bar mix up a wedding drink that’s all about the two of you. This could be your favourite drink as a couple or a blend of your two favourite cocktails. Or something completely new, in honour of the big day. Label it and serve it up. Need help in the bar department? Click here.

4. Theme it up

Menu cards don’t have to be a simple list of the courses to come. Align them with your wedding theme or with a theme that speaks to one of your shared passions or hobbies such as great book titles.

5. Your cake, your way

Who says your wedding cake has to be fruit cake and marzipan icing? Your cake should be something you want to eat and send home with your guests. Or forgot a big cake and go for cupcakes or miniature desserts instead. Whatever you choose, let your cake be an extension of your wedding theme, and enjoy it!

For better or worse, your reception menu can make your wedding a memorable event! Make sure it’s a positive experience for all by hiring an expert caterer to handle the meal and the drinks. For any personal or corporate event, Food Matters is your full service catering company – from making the cake to serving up a delicious meal to ensuring glasses are charged for the toasts, we will design and deliver a personalised menu, full of unique catering ideas... All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! 

Want to know more? Download our brochure and learn how we can deliver a personalised menu that will satisfy your craving for the perfect menu.