Here's why you should celebrate staff birthdays in the office

Birthdays only come around once a year (obviously), so use them as an opportunity to make sure your staff feel all the more special. Show them why they matter to you; why they’re dear and an indispensable part of the company.

Here are three reasons why celebrating staff birthdays are a must

1. Recognition

Celebrating an employee’s birthday shows that you take an interest in the lives of your staff, and care about making them feel special and recognised. This goes hand in hand with morale. When an employee feels valued, their morale is boosted - they are more likely to work harder and want to remain with the company because they have been seen and noticed.

2. Team Building

Having a celebration in the office means that the staff get the opportunity to relax together and get to know each other better. These improved connections may assist employees on future projects. Need ideas for birthday team building? Go outside and enjoy a sunny picnic together (that can be prepared in advance by us at Food Matters, so all you need to do is remember to carry your picnic blanket!) We can also come in and show the team of staff how to make something simple and delicious. We'll bring all the ingredients and show you step-by-step, how to construct something like homemade sushi or the perfect gourmet burger.

3. Motivation

This benefit is two-fold. Employees are motivated to be celebrated by seeing others celebrated. This encourages them to work harder so they can feel just as celebrated when their birthday comes. Secondly, because of the celebrations, employees are given a break from the monotony of the day and will feel recharged and ready to conquer whatever tasks they have remaining.

Ready to celebrate? If you want to throw an office birthday party but have no time to get the food sorted, Food Matters can take on full responsibility of making the perfect, simple office treats or a delightful birthday cake for your special staff member - all you have to do is remember their birth date!

Want to know more? Download our brochure, and get Food Matters involved to put together the perfect menu for you.