The four biggest wedding catering don’ts:

The food being served at a wedding is under intense scrutiny. People are often most excited to see what food will be served, and by the end of the ceremony, are often starving and expecting to be treated. It can be difficult to decide what to serve in order to please everyone, while keeping logistics as simple and straightforward as possible.

Make sure you keep guests happy by avoiding these four wedding catering don’ts

1. Don’t leave food lying outside the fridges

Weddings barely ever run perfectly according to schedule, so don’t assume it will. Leave the food inside the fridges until you’re given the go ahead to take it out and begin serving it. It would be highly unfortunate and reflect terribly on your catering choices if the guests contract food poisoning because the food was left out.

2. Don’t overwhelm guests by sending out all the food at once

You want guests to enjoy the company of the other guests and socialize, not be stressed about which snacks they have or haven’t had a chance to taste. You also want people to savour and make the most of the flavours you have spent time and effort putting together. The key to serving well? Create good time intervals in between each set of food so people have the opportunity to truly appreciate it.

3. Don’t leave the table or room in a mess

Clear tables and glasses. Make sure you’re aware of the appearance of the room and clear tables and glasses as they empty so there is space for more food to be brought out and the room stays clean and presentable.

4. Don’t ignore your staff

In fact, keep a close  eye on them. Although it’s great when staff are friendly and respectful, don’t allow them to mingle too much with the guests and become overly friendly. They are there to work, not play, and familiarity could make guests feel uncomfortable and that’s definitely something to avoid at a wedding.

If you avoid these don’ts, your wedding catering is sure to be a huge success and make a lasting impression on guests. If you don’t think you can do these all on your own, Food Matters will gladly lend a helping hand. Rest assured that our highly trained staff will see your event through to completion. From start to finish, we assist with every aspect - menu creation, cake selections and full-service catering.

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