Getting married in the new year? Here are our ideas for a brand new wedding menu.

Fun, festivities, high spirits, and champagne... there are lots of ways to incorporate the new year’s theme and vibe into your wedding day but what about the food? We’ve got some fresh-start ideas right here.

Catering ideas for your new year’s wedding menu

1. Experience your meal

Instead of a traditional plated meal or a serve yourself buffet (though both of these have their place in getting your wedding guests fed), make the food part of the entertainment at your wedding. It’s a long day and instead of just feeding your guests a standard three courses, why not try stand-alone chef stations where guests can watch part of their meal being prepared or have a hand in choosing some of the elements? These can then be included on platters and served at the table for all to share.

2. Treats to ring in the new year

Wedding reception parties have taken on a new length as the married couple often stays to the end and midnight is the new wrap up time. Even guests will stay to up party and these guests will need to be fed. Consider a dessert or snack trolley to be rolled out just before midnight or to be stationed next to the dance floor from after the main meal and well into the wee hours. Popcorn bars, mini doughnut carts, and candy buffets are popular options – anything that’s grab-and-go-back-to-the-dance-floor-ready is a winner.

3. Cake for everyone

There are hundreds of different ways to make and serve cake at your wedding, from traditional to more modern versions that fit with your tastes and the theme. Thinking New Year’s glitz and glamour? Go big and bold – cover your cake with confetti and glitter or add sparkles or fairy lights for a dessert worthy of the celebration.

4. Cheers to great drinks

The marriage between great food and good drinks is a long and happy one – and paying attention to your drinks menu will ensure your guests enjoy your menu even more. Go for themed / personalised cocktails or wow your guests with a beautiful champagne tower (a stunning compliment to a tiered wedding cake) and raise a glass or two to new beginnings.

At Food Matters, we love creating new and exciting menus for our clients. Whatever your event, from wedding celebration to conference gathering, we can offer you food, drinks, and desserts (not to mention so many wonderful cakes!) perfectly suited to your event and theme. As a full service catering company, we handle your menu from start to finish so you can relax and enjoy this special time.

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