Five clever ways to serve cake at your next big event.

Wedding, party, or celebration, cake tends to be a major part of any successful and memorable catering menu. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that you or your guests have put a lot of work into creating a beautiful cake just perfect for the proceedings. That’s why you have to serve it right.

When it comes to serving a signature or showstopper cake, there’s no way it should be hidden out of sight under the big moment. Rather, let it stand in a place of importance for all to see right up until the first slice is cut. Consider the decor and theme of the event – a traditional cake stand and canopy might do the trick but what about using a large wine barrel or wooden spool for a base or decorating the cake table with flowers and decor to match the surrounds? Really want to show it off? Hang a large mirror behind the cake and give guest a 360 degree view.

However you choose to display your cake, you can also take things a step further by serving it up in different ways, rather than cutting slices and placing them on plates with cake forks (though that works too).

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Five clever servings styles for cake

1. Cake in a jar

So easy and on trend for events like a rustic wedding. Serve your cake in small mason jars with tiny spoons attached by ribbons to the jar. You can leave the jar clear for a clean look or decorate it with a personal touch. A great way for guests to have their cake and eat it too.

2. Cake pops

Easy, fun, and funky, cake pops are a great ways to serve cake. Literally cake on a popsicle stick, they don’t require loads of crockery or space and are perfect for getting cake out to a large crowd. A no-mess, no fuss (but still fun) treat.

3. Cake shooters

Again, forget the plates and forks. Serve cake in easy to use cake push-pops or syringes. Fill the clear containers with layers of cake, icing and sprinkles for a truly delectable and fun dessert.

4. Ice cream cones

Who says cones are only for ice cream? Use plain, sugar, or chocolate dipped cones as cake holders and surprise your guests with something a little different. Great for the young at heart.

5. All boxed and ready to go

Along with your cake, have smaller boxed and bow tied versions at every guest’s place. This lets them take the cake home with them (useful if the meal has been extensive) and allows you to give every guest not only a piece of cake but a little bit of info too in the form of a card or slip inside the box – a thank you note from the happy couple in the case of a wedding, a great marketing opportunity in the case of a business event.

At Food Matters, we simply love cake and nothing gives us more pleasure than baking, delivering and serving special and delicious foods (like cake!) to our clients and their guests. If you want a food experience like no other, from platter ideas to dessert bars, chat to us about your ideal menu. We will turn your dreams into a reality and deliver up the perfect catering menu for your event, every time.