Have a favourite wedding cake icing? Here are 3 great choices.

Nothing tops of a fabulous wedding menu like a made-for-the-occasion wedding cake. Both a traditional part of wedding celebrations and a chance to show off your unique style and taste when it comes to the dessert menu - your wedding cake is the perfect symbol of wedding day bliss.

A large part of what makes a wedding cake beautiful (and delicious!) is the icing. So, while planning your cake, take time to think about the icing and how it will impact on your tasting experience. There are so many different types of icing but, when it comes to wedding cake in particular, we’ve got three firm favourites.

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Three tip top icing types

1. Buttercream

Providing the best blank canvas for decorating, this classic icing made from sugar and butter is perfect for keeping cake moist and it can be shaped, spread and piped with relative ease. Creamy, smooth and soft, it can melt if exposed to excessive heat but is easy to slice and enjoyed by most.

2. Fondant

The go-to wedding icing, fondant is smooth with a clean finish. Relatively easy to mould and wrap, it withstands heat well but some people don’t enjoy the taste as much as they do buttercream. It does make a great base for decorations and shapes, and looks lovely.

3. Ganache

Chocolate and cream are mixed together to create this rich icing. It also works well as a filling or as a sauce poured over dessert and is a delicious decadent. The dark colour tends to limit your colour palette, however, which could prove tricky for a wedding cake.

How to choose the right icing for your cake? Factors to consider include the taste (which can be quite as individual as the occasion), the level of decoration required (some icings are easier to work with than others), the setting (some icing types do better in hot weather than other types), and the desired end look.

A cake can be an important centrepiece to your catering menu, whatever the occasion. Rather than leave it to chance (or try and take it on yourself), get professional cake advice from the start. At Food Matters, not only are we expert caterers, we are passionate about creating the perfect cake for each of our clients. Let us know what you need and what you’d love and we will whip it up (and deliver to your event) in no time at all!