Wedding desserts on trend? Here are five delicious options.

When it comes to wedding catering, dessert menus have become a much-anticipated and memorable part of the big day. And, even though the wedding cake is most often the star of the dessert buffet, there are a number of dessert options that are sure to satisfy and delight your guests.

Want to know what wedding dessert trends might be best for your big day? We have some great ideas right here.

On-trend inspiration for your wedding dessert menu

1. Bite sized delights

Planning a big bash where your guests are sure to spend more time on the dance floor than at their tables? Put aside fussy or carefully plated desserts and think cupcakes and sweet finger dainties like mini doughnuts, éclairs, or macaroons... make sure the dessert can be eaten in one or two bites without utensils. A fun and welcome surprise, platters of sweet treats will keep your guests going into the early hours.

2. Ice cream for everyone

Ice cream served in mini cones or champagne glasses can add a fun and yet still classy element to your dessert menu. Keep this classic dessert on trend by looking beyond traditional vanilla and go with your favourite flavours and toppings. You can also work ice cream into your venue decor with an old fashioned ice cream cart or serving station. Great for photos too!

3. Mix it up

Go with a dessert medley. This means that you swop between two different desserts, serving one to every other person at the table, and then vice versa. This way, couples can try each other’s desserts. Or serve two small portions on the same plate so every guest can try both versions. Make your choices your and your spouse’s favourite desserts and you get an oh-so-sweet story to go with your mouthful.

4. End the night with cocktails

Your signature wedding drink doesn’t have to be limited to the cocktail hour or main dinner course. Pick a speciality cocktail (or two) to serve only during dessert, either a stand-alone or as an accompaniment to your desserts. Go with a classic like a Chocolate Martini or ask your bartender to create a cocktail that aligns with your wedding theme or colour scheme.

5. And, of course, there’s always cake

On its own, with other desserts, as one beautiful tower, a stack of cupcakes or fun cake pops... always on trend, very little can beat a beautiful wedding cake when it comes to your wedding dessert menu. Need advice on picking the perfect version for your wedding day? Read this.

From the perfect cake to delicious dishes and signature drinks, at Food Matters, we’re passionate about creating wedding menus that are as memorable as your big day. So let us know what you want and we can help you create it.

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