Beach wedding? Three perfect wedding cake ideas.

Beach weddings can be fun, laid-back, and beautiful. They also present a challenge when it comes to catering – especially if you are planning to have your ceremony and your reception on the sand or by the waves.

When planning the food for this kind of once-in-a-lifetime event, it’s important to work with professional caterers with the expertise and experience (like Food Matters!) to handle the catering whatever the environment. If you’re planning a beach wedding (or any kind of wedding, in fact!), talk to us about our wedding catering advice.

For now, let’s talk about cake. Your wedding cake is an essential part of creating a memorable catering experience for your big day. It should be personally themed, delicious, and beautifully presented. When it comes to wedding cake on the beach, it’s important to consider the environment and the serving conditions. Top tips? Avoid heavy cream frostings that might slide or get easily damaged and make sure to keep your desserts boxed or protected until serving time.

Three perfect wedding cake ideas for your beach wedding

1. A contemporary cake for a contemporary theme

A beach wedding is a modern style of wedding and you will need a cake to match. If you’re going for a traditional wedding cake of layers and frosting, go for unusual flavours and toppings that reflect both your personality as a bridal couple and the beach theme. Think clean lines, soft pastel tones, and fresh, fruity fillings. Or go with the seaside motif and use shells, pearls, and coral as your cake topper. Combine the cake with icy sorbets for a beach-ready combo that’s both wedding dessert and holiday treat.

2. Individual cupcakes for every guest

Want a dessert that’s easy to serve but still says wedding cake? Try themed cupcakes or a small cake for cutting purposes and a cupcake tower for actual serving. You can also box individual cupcakes so that they are easy to carry and distribute. Monogram the boxes or treat the cupcakes as wedding favours. This is also a clever idea for making sure the cupcakes retain their shape if the weather heats up.

3. Go nautical

Nautical themes (think beach chairs, anchors, yachts, and umbrellas) and colours (like blue, white, and red) are big in fashion and can make for a big style statement when it comes to your wedding cake. From coloured icing to seaside-style cake toppers, you can either go full-on nautical or just add some subtle nautical touches to a classic white wedding cake.

Need professional wedding cake advice? We can help! When it comes to wedding catering, there’s nothing we love more than creating a stunning wedding cake for our clients. Beach or ballroom, let us know what your wedding cake challenges are and we’ll make sure you get the wedding cake your big day deserves.

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