Baking a cake for your next big event? Here are our top tips!

Baking a cake from scratch is quite the science and certainly not as easy as some people make it out to be! There’s nothing worse than looking forward to the cutting of the cake, only for it to be too dry, too sweet or completely flavourless.

To create a beautiful baked creation, follow these top tips:

1. Don’t rush your baking

Don’t attempt to bake something if you can clearly see you don’t have enough time. Certain elements sometimes need to be redone so set time aside to take care and create with caution.

2. Don’t trust the toothpick trick alone

A toothpick that comes out clean doesn’t always indicate a perfectly baked cake. If the cake is not a golden colour, it isn’t ready. You can also double check by placing a hand on top of the cake; if it bounces back, the cake is ready, if not, it needs more time to cook.

3. Don’t overdo the baking powder

Although it seems like a miracle ingredient, adding too much can cause the cake to dry out or rise and fall too quickly.

4. Invest in high quality bakeware

If your baking sheets and pans are too flimsy they won’t conduct heat competently and your cake won’t come out correctly.

5. Make your measurements precise

A good digital scale is the way to go; it eliminates the need to wash measuring cups and leaves no room for guessing.

6. Rotate your bake halfway through

All ovens have a certain hot spot; leaving your cake non-rotated means you run the risk of uneven baking with some parts burnt and some under-baked.

With these expert tips, we can (almost) guarantee a perfectly baked cake! But, if you’re still not so sure, give us a call and let us do the work for you! We love to bake and can assure you of a perfect cake for your big event - we’ll even deliver it safely to your door. Food Matters provides full-service custom catering so you can relax and enjoy your next event!

Want the perfect cake for your next big event? A three course meal prepared? Both? We’ve got it covered!