5 ways a corporate catering partner can make your venue experience a success

One of the most important things on offer at a corporate event is the food. People have been sitting and listening for long periods of time, so their breaks, and the food on offer during these breaks, needs to be appealing.

Choosing an outside catering partner for your venue is hugely beneficial. Here’s why:

1. Professional assistance

If you choose a catering company with a good reputation and solid experience, they will be able to give you the assistance you need to ensure the perfect menu and smooth service.  They will know what’s best to serve in order to communicate the right message to your clients, as well as how best to present the food on the plates. As well as deal with any potential pitfalls, like catering for special meal requests.

2. A catering company makes things easier

The catering service takes care of planning the menu, purchasing the ingredients, preparing the meals and cleaning up afterwards so there’s really nothing for you to stress about in the food department! This leaves you free to focus on your event.

3. Variety

A catering company often has set menus that they are familiar with and can execute well. These menus are presented to you as the client, and you have a choice of what to serve your guests. Many caterers allow for a mix of choices and can customise a menu to suit your needs.

4. Time is saved

Time is an extremely valuable commodity in business. Hiring a catering company to deal with all the food prep and admin, means you save time to focus on other aspects of the event and make them a success!

5. The food leaves a lasting impression

If done well, the catering at your event will make an impact on the guests. People will leave remembering how well they were looked after and your company will impress the guests, leading to more productive results and more business.

It may seem like the most unimportant element of a conference venue, but as you’ve probably found out, the food is crucial. There are too many other things that can go wrong when planning a corporate event, don’t let food be one of them! Food Matters provides full-service custom catering for corporate events. Leave it up to us, our joy is in your success!

Planning a corporate event but you just can’t juggle it all? That’s where we step in!