2017 cocktail trends sure to rock your office party

The celebration has been decided, the date set, and the venue and food carefully planned. What more do you need for the perfect office party? A well-stocked, well-run bar, of course! And, what better party drink than a cocktail to take your corporate function to the next level?

Wondering how to give your cocktail bar the edge? Consider these latest trends

1. Super tonics

Replacing gin as a mixer of choice this year, tonic has taken centre stage as the go-to base for long drinks. Mix with tequila, mezcal, or whiskey – spirits like these make for perfectly cool combination cocktails.

2. Vodka is here to stay

Vodka is a staple of any bar, especially when it comes to serving classic cocktails. Its clean, clear taste means it pairs well with any flavour from sweet to spicy to dry. Stick with the greats – vodka martini, cosmopolitan, or Bloody Mary, or try a lemon drop martini or campari cocktail for some on-trend favourites.

3. Time to reimaging the ordinary

This year, bartenders have been toying with transforming everyday ingredients into new and exciting cocktails. Consider coffee and banana as flavours to play with. Or go all out with artisan crafted cocktails that use cheeses, vinegars, or spicy berries (or even bacon!) to create complex and interesting flavours.

4. Something for the teetotallers

Non-drinkers do not have to feel left out of the cocktail vibe this year. With an increased awareness on health and fresh eating has come a review of drinks like cocktails. Traditionally chock-a-block with sugar and spirits, there is a growing trend towards fresh, vegetable-based cocktails with no sugar and coconut water instead of tonic. Delicious and good for you!

If you’re planning on having an on-trend bar service as part of the catering at your next big event, make sure it fits with the theme and the needs of your guests, as well as being run by experts. At Food Matters, we understand the importance of a good bar and our corporate catering offering extends to a bar and waitressing service with highly trained staff. Want to offer your guests the best in this year’s drink trends? Let us do the work for you!

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