5 corporate catering essentials for a successful team building event

Team building can be loads of fun but it also requires lots of planning and imagination to make sure the event runs smoothly. One important element is the catering. When you have a large number of people participating in a group activity, you need to feed them!

When it comes to catering a team building event, much depends on what the event is, where it is being held, and the amount of time it will take. An outdoor obstacle course will require much more careful planning than an indoor team game like bowling, for example. However, adrenalin-filled or laid-back, indoor or outdoor, there are certain catering essentials that apply to any corporate event.

In charge of feeding the team?

Here are our top 5 corporate catering essentials for your next team building event:

1. Food with staying power

When considering the menu, it’s important to have foods that will last the duration of the team build or that don’t need to be served immediately. If your team is delayed due to an activity, you don’t want to worry about serving them cold food or food that needs to be dished up immediately. Stay away from dishes that are too complicated or requiring freezing or heating facilities to make them edible.

2. Refreshments for everyone

Don’t forget the drinks. Team building can be thirsty work so make sure there are suitable refreshments on hand. Before you serve alcohol, make sure it is allowed and acceptable for the event and the individuals involved. Always have a variety of drinks on offer, including bottled water – always good idea.

3. A serving style that works

When it comes to team building, your event should dictate your food and its presentation. Having a boardroom quiz? A cocktail style menu with catering platters might be your best option. Garden picnic? Group picnic baskets with individual cutlery sets could work. What about a big outdoor event? A spit braai with all the self-serve trimmings might be just the thing. 

4. Little extras that make a big difference

From signature drinks to a cupcake dessert to a cheese tower, the little things can make the most impact when it comes to a corporate event. Also, don’t forget catering tools like serviettes, dish towels, or bottle openers – these can make life so much easier for you and your team. Paying attention to the little touches will ensure that the catering is an easy part of the overall event, rather than a frustrating time waster.

5. A professional touch

Organising any kind of corporate event can be a stressful undertaking, especially if food isn’t part of your everyday job. Take the stress out of what to serve, how, and when and make a professional caterer one of the essentials for your event. We promise you – it’s worth it!

Need help making your team building event a success? Just tell us what you’re planning and we’ll design the menu and serve it up in the best way for your corporate event needs.