Big business meeting? Here are our top tips for perfect catering.

So, you’ve been put in charge of catering for your team’s next big business meeting? This can seem like a daunting task as you try to balance feeding a big group with making a good impression with your menu. Don’t panic – we’ve put together some corporate catering tips designed to have your colleagues smiling.

Corporate catering tips:

1. Establish the type of meeting.

Is this an in-house brainstorming session or strategy lunch with important clients? If it is just your team, you could order in hot and cold platters according to the team’s tastes. If this is a more formal event (one in which you are impressing clients), you might consider hiring a professional corporate catering company to handle the food and its presentation.

2. Pinpoint any menu no-nos.

You will make an instant good impression if you take the time to find out what foods may not be suitable for those attending the meeting. Remember, certain religions have fast days or bans on certain types of food, for example, Jewish people do not eat pork. It’s important to find out what the main food preferences are and try to include those – people are sure to appreciate your extra effort.

3. Choose healthy, easy-to-eat food.

The latest trends in corporate catering have seen food move away from boring sandwiches and deep fried goodies to healthier options such as wraps, salads, and bento boxes. Try something fun and fresh on your menu and help keep meeting participants awake and engaged. Whether it’s finger foods, canapé platters, or small bowls of wholesome fare, you need to be sure the food is easy to handle, and mess-free. See that it can be eaten with your hands or with a single fork or spoon. Supply enough cutlery for those that need it. 

4. Respect food safety:

The last thing you want is for the food you serve to spoil or for your guests to get food poisoning! Store and serve your food as instructed and avoid leaving it out in hot conditions (no warmer than room temperature) or keep in the fridge if necessary. Cover and correctly store any uneaten food. When investigating catering companies, it is essential that they follow the strictest food preparation and serving guidelines.

5. Don’t let your guests go thirsty:

You might be so focused on the food menu that you forget to organise drinks for everyone. Have a selection of cold and warm drinks available such as chilled water and juices and teas and coffees. Avoid sugary drinks that will cause sugar highs and crashes. Place the drinks within easy reach of the meeting participants so that they always have access to refreshments.

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