Product launch? Top catering tips for your big event

Have a big product launch coming up at work? Corporate events like launches can be stressful, especially if you are in charge of the planning and set-up. One of the most challenging aspects? Corporate catering. 

If guests are expecting to eat, food can make or break an event, like a product launch. The food will either been seen as a great and welcome addition to the event or poor and an instant distraction from the event’s overall purpose.

Need some catering advice?

Here are 5 considerations to make sure you’re on the right track from the very first mouthful:

1. Choose a dining experience that works

When it comes to catering, you need to decide how you would like the food at your event to be served. Buffet style? Sit down plated menu? Canapés and platters at cocktail tables? Each of these has advantages and disadvantages in terms of ease and what you are trying to achieve. Remember, at a corporate event the food is not the star but it should be a seamless, delicious experience that enhances your guests’ experience. 

2. Get the menu just right

When selecting the food, think about your guests. What kinds of food would they want to eat? Decide whether you’re going to try the latest food trends or stick with tired and trusted favourites. Be sure to note any specific dietary or religious requirements that might impact on your choices.

3. Add some clever touches

Themed food always goes down well. Whether it’s a national food menu based on cultural roots or a themed cupcake, this attention to detail shows that you’ve put thought and effort into the catering and the event as a whole. And who doesn’t love a novelty desert?

4. Choose drinks wisely

Your drinks menu should complement your choice of food and be appropriate to the event – champagne and fine wines are perfect for a formal evening event while colourful (and themed!) cocktails might be better for a fun weekend gathering. Be sure to offer some variety and some non-alcoholic options so that there is something for every guest.

5. Hire a corporate event catering company

Planning and co-ordinating an important corporate event like a product launch can be time-consuming and stressful. Take some of the pressure off by hiring the experts so that you are free to do what you do best. For catering, choose a full service catering company with the resources necessary to help you design the menu, plan and prepare the food, and serve it to your guests with the help of well-trained staff.

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