Hey baby! How to cater the perfect office baby shower.

From the decorations to the party games, baby showers can be loads of fun! It is also becoming increasingly common for women to have more than one shower – one at home with family, one out and about with friends, and a work shower.

If you’re in charge of hosting the perfect work shower for one of your colleagues, you have a lots of planning to do. Follow simple corporate catering tips to help you ensure your guests (and the mother to be, of course!) enjoy a delicious feast amongst all the festivities. 

Corporate catering tips:

1. Finger food is often best.

Will you be catering for a large number of people? Probably. Considering the number and that this will most likely be a day time event, finger food is a great option. Don’t hassle with plated food – go for fresh platters filled with a variety of yummy goodies, from tea sandwiches to miniature pies. These can be passed around or placed at stations around the room.

2. Avoid the pregnancy no-nos:

While the mother-to-be isn’t your only guest at this event, she is your most important one. So, be kind and make sure that all pregnancy no-nos (such as sushi, blue cheeses, and meringues) are off the menu. As it’s a work-based event, probably held mid-morning, it’s best to stay away from alcohol as well. Try fresh fruit juices, teas, and coffees instead. 

3. Try a little ice-cream.

Summer or winter, rain or shine, ice cream never goes out of style. Set up an ice-cream bar with small scoops, bowls, sugar cones and, of course, ice-cream. This should satisfy any cravings and add an element of fun to your menu, especially if you do ice-cream in the colour of the sex of the baby – blue for boys, pink for girls, a mix for twins, perhaps?

4. Cake time.

The cake is the centrepiece of any tea and a work baby shower is no exception. Decide whether you will have a large cake for all to share or individual cupcakes. Whichever style of cake you choose, make sure it goes with your chosen theme – better yet, let it be a themed cake! 

5. Get some help.

Why go it alone, when you can get professional catering help? Be smart and find out the mother-to-be’s favourite foods and get an experienced corporate catering team like the one at Food Matters to design a menu around those foods. Major brownie points coming your way! 

Catering for a work event can be stressful but, with the right planning and support, it doesn’t have to be.

call us and we’ll handle all the catering for your next work baby shower,from the cake to the platters to the drinks. No problem at all, baby.