How to decide how much food is enough for your next corporate event.

If you’re planning the catering for a corporate event, one of your first considerations will be the amount of food needed. You don’t want to let your guests go hungry but you need to avoid over-spending and over-catering as that can lead to unnecessary waste.

Need to make the food you have go further?

If you’re catering for a large number of people on a tight budget or have a limited menu, keep these event catering tips in mind:

  • Go for a cold fork buffet, rather than a plated menu or finger foods. This kind of buffet is easy to set up and manage and your guests will serve themselves rather than having a wide selection of food brought to them.
  • Don’t offer too many versions of the same item e.g. cupcakes with different flavours. If there are options, people tend to want to try each version of the same thing.

What about the leftovers?

If you do have leftovers after the event, send them home with your guests or donate them to a needy community. Not all leftovers need to be thrown in the bin – you just make sure that you handle, store, and transport any food in a safe and hygienic manner to avoid spoiling and the risk of food poisoning.

Working with a caterer?

The best way to get your quantities right is to ask a professional caterer who has catered numerous events.

Work with a professional caterer and you can be certain that your event will offer your guests just the right amount of food.