Your menu can make or break your event. Make it a success.

Food is one of the most important aspects of life – indeed, we simply can’t live without it! And when it comes to events, food is about so much more than fuel – it’s an expression of that event and an experience that will either wow your guests or send them running for the door.

Simply put, good food will not only nourish your guests, it will increase the chances of a prevailing good mood. For an event like a wedding, a themed menu could live on in the memory of guests long after the event is done. For an event like a conference, a sterling menu will give your guests energy, increase their awareness, and make them more receptive to the topic at hand.

Here are our top tips for making your menu the stand-out success it should be:

1. What, when, how

The reason and venue for your event will have a major impact on the food selected and the way it is served. You need to decide before the time what kind of food you plan to serve and how – will it be finger foods or a sit-down meal?  Will it be buffet or plated and served by waitrons? Also keep an eye on the weather – cooler weather calls for warmer, more nourishing food.

2. Know your guests

It’s important to understand your guests’ dietary requirements and preferences. No point in serving olives if the majority of people attending your event don’t like them. Once you’ve worked out what your guests will and won’t eat, you can plan accordingly. For example, a spit braai will would probably much more effective than canapés at a ‘dads and lads’ event... but don’t forget the vegetarian in your group.

3. If there’s an event theme, carry it through to your menu

Festive vibes make this time of year perfect fora little silliness and good fun. For example, a beach party should include a simple but tasty spread, cool drinks, and easy to handle items such as wraps. 

4. Follow the 2 hour rule

Perishable foods should not be out of the fridge for longer than 2 hours for hygiene purposes. Instead, remember – keep cold food cold and hot food warm. 

5. Presentation is important

How food looks has a big impact on whether a guest will eat it or not. With shows like Masterchef drawing top drawer audiences, it is more important than ever that your food looks appetizing and delicious to ensure it’s tasted and enjoyed.

Our biggest tip? You don’t have to worry about the menu if you decide to work with Food Matters. From your initial enquiry till your last guest leaves, everything will be taken care of so that you can sit back and enjoy delicious food prepared by food experts.

Take the time to put together a great menu when you’re planning your next big event and we promise that you won’t be disappointed. If you do some of the preparation in advance, and hire the right people for the job, you’ll have time to enjoy yourself while ensuring your guests have the best experience possible.

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