Corporate Catering: Men

We believe in the old adage “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Indulge your men in true South African tradition with a gourmet braai – sizzling steaks, prawn tails on skewers, lamb chops with lemon and chilli, cheesy braai pap and colourful salads. No South African celebration can be complete without koeksisters and milk tart to finish off with.  Try a cocktail party with a difference, keep it casual and relaxed, everyone is standing around chatting and eating from mini bowls filled with curry and rice, Moroccan harissa lamb with date couscous, chicken and mushroom pies, soup served in enamel  cups. Why not spoil the men for a change!  Imagine their surprise when a beautiful birthday cake be it caramel, chocolate and peppermint crisp or carrot cake dripping with lemon zest butter icing arrives at the office.