Getting Married? Questions to ask your caterer.

Congratulations! You are entering a most exciting phase of your life – planning the wedding of all your childhood fantasies and making preparations to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life.

Whilst this chapter is exciting and exhilarating we do understand that some things may be a little daunting. Planning a wedding does involve multiple organising, planning and preparation. Multi-tasking will take on a new meaning and you may feel overwhelmed at times – you may even venture too close to the dreaded ogre of weddings – Bridezilla herself! This is something we don't want for you or your family. So, in a bid to relieve you from some stress, we feel we can shed some light on the topic closest to us - the wedding catering.

To help you make the catering process as enjoyable as possible, let's discuss a few things you should be asking your caterer.

  1. Are you available for my date?
  2. Do you cater regularly for weddings?
  3. Do you have a portfolio of past wedding catered? 
  4. Do we sign a contract with each other?
  5. Have you catered at my venue before?
  6. Do you set up and clear up?
  7. Do I need to hire any equipment, or do you do that?
  8. What are you electricity requirements? 
  9. Are you going to have waiters at my big day or do I need to bring in a staffing company?
  10. Is someone senior going to be overseeing the day?
  11. Could you advise me as to whether a buffet or a served meal would suit my function better?
  12. What is your quote?
  13. May I have a breakdown of costs in the quote highlighting what is included and specifically what is NOT included. 
  14. Do you run a bar?
  15. Do you do signature cocktails?
  16. What other services do you offer?
  17. Will you provide a tasting of my chosen foods so that I can 'test drive' them?
  18. Do you set up a day early or on the day?
  19. Do you have a backup generator to enable you to cook should we have a power failure?
  20. Do you have exciting serving ideas for me; creative and attractive ways of serving the food?
  21. Do you label the food so that my guests know what they are dishing up?
  22. Do you make wedding cakes?
  23. How and at what stage should I pay you? 
  24. Are there any other questions I should be asking you?

Allow Food Matters to assist you in the crucial planning phase of your wedding and a lot of the weight will be removed from your shoulders. After all, once you have locked in a reliable, innovative, talented catering company, an enormous amount of your planning is achieved.

We have years of experience, we know how to fulfil the brief of any Bride and we pledge to you a well run, delicious and successful catering experience for your beautiful wedding.

Together we would be formidable! 

Come and meet us, and let us answer your questions; a large portion of wedding stress will be gone!