Catering Trends: Desserts and Colour

Trends this summer are escalating; from wardrobes to the kitchen. Everyone is competing to create the new "it" dessert. So what are some of the trends this summer that will cause you to sink your teeth and devour? Let's explore. 


Desserts always evoke emotion – they are being served in imaginative and arty ways.

  • Doughnuts are made up into an artwork by being pinned onto a canvas where people merely have to pluck them off to eat them! 
  • Trendy desserts are small and sweet – miniature lemon bars, bite sized brownies, miniature éclairs and pastries – petite and crafty too. One doesn't have to look greedy when filling their plates with these bite sized desserts.
  • De-constructed fruit pies, cobblers and trifles served in mini mason jars are gracing tables at the moment, as are mouthfuls of deliciousness that can use any combination of flavours layered in beautiful parfait glasses.
  • Rounding off the desserts on trend are ice cream combos in gourmet flavours, such as salted caramel, butter pecan, ginger cream or banana – yum!


Pink Himalayan salt is in and so is the colour charcoal – to be used as a colour on your catering tables with accents of lime green, naartjie orange or pomegranate. So, it would seem that we are glamming up the old favourites, adding touches of luxury and indulgence, looking to our serving vessels and creating an experience that is as memorable as your occasion warrants.

Allow Food Matters to create your special and individual experience for you, you will not be disappointed!